In the 1970’s to transport grain produced from their farming operation Boyd and Sons, Inc. were using several heavy-duty trucks. These trucks were a large investment and would sit idle for many months a year during the off-season. With the vision to use these trucks to create extra revenues in the off-season, the trucking division of Boyd and Sons, Inc. was born. Through the 70’s the trucking division flourished and before long was transporting a broad variety of freight. Trucks that some time ago sat idle were now moving grain, coal, and refrigerated loads to numerous destinations.
Through the swift development of the trucking division, Boyd and Sons, Inc. saw the prospect to also expand their farming operation. In the early 80’s convertible trailers were purchased to convey their farm commodities to terminals all over the south. These innovative trailers would then convert into a flatbed to suitably haul lumber back to locations in the north. Soon trade routes from their southern Indiana farm were established to Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and a number of other southern states. With well-established routes Boyd and Sons, Inc. continued marketing to southern terminals well into the mid 90’s. In around this time grain from the farming operation was being marketed locally. The fleets of convertible trailers were no longer necessary, and they were gradually replaced with new spread axle flatbeds. Over the next decade Boyd and Sons, Inc. would continue to develop establishing dedicated flatbed routes moving Steel, Aluminum, and Lumber all over the lower 48 states. Today Boyd and Sons, Inc. is proud of the quality service and excellence they provide to the trucking industry.
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